Nirvana Shisha 250g

Nirvana Shisha 250g

Truly unique shisha infused with dokha.


Nirvana Shisha is a new brand of hookah shisha mixed with dokha (strong, high nicotine arabic tobacco). Nirvana is made from the freshest and finest quality ingredients, intense flavor and incredible buzz guaranteed!

Overall product feeling
Reviewer: Russian Customer no dokha now =((
I was fan of strongest shisha among american best quality tobacoo, but now Nirvana doesn`t exist/include dokha and much more lighter than it was some months ago. I`ve made an order and was disapoinred about new Nirvana not super strong =((
Reviewer: Nirvana
More flavors will be available by the end of this week :)
Reviewer: Spotifry More Flavors ?
When will have flavors?
Reviewer: sjp loved it
Tried smokin dead. Flavor was great and had a lot of bite to it but wasn't really harsh. Great for mixing.
Reviewer: Nes Nirvana.. super ''strong'' shisha
Strong flavour, 10/10 taste and flavour durability 10/10

this is for ppl who like an intense session


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