WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Kaloud Samsaris Hookah Bowl

Unique spiral design hookah bowl.


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The Kaloud Samsaris hookah bowl features a truly unique spiral design. The individual chambers open new possibilities for mixing shisha flavors, and allow for very precise measurement and optimal heating. Meanwhile, your sessions will be more flavorful and consistent thanks to the bowl's central air channel, which helps your shisha retain more juice.

The Kaloud Samsaris bowl is made from safe, FDA approved, non-toxic silicon that renders it virtually unbreakable. The silicon transfers heat very well, which means your shisha will heat faster and with less coals, yet the bowl remains safe to touch during smoking and won't melt either. Easy to load and use, the Samsaris bowl will fit right onto most hookah stems with no grommet required, and will also perfectly fit the Kaloud Lotus to make a dynamic duo that will rocket your hookah session right to the moon.

Please remember: never place your coals directly onto the Kaloud Samsaris bowl!

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