WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Musthave 125g

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The popular Musthave hookah tobacco brand is here! Musthave hookah shisha is based on Burley leaf, high-quality and natural raw base makes the pleasant aftertaste of the tobacco tone. Mild strength is preserved during the entire smoking. Musthave tobacco is known for their amazing flavor profile and beautifully cut dark leaf tobacco. Don’t miss out on some of the smoothest and best flavor combinations! This is a MUSTHAVE for every hookah enthusiast.

APPLE DROPS - the rich taste of refreshing candies with pronounced notes of green apple and anise accent.
BANANA MAMAA - sweet, delicious, and rich South American banana flavor.
BERRY HOLLS - the delicious refreshing aroma of fresh forest berries, seasoned with the cold breath of eucalyptus.
CHERRY-COLA - sweet and sour, changing in the process, a mix based on cola flavored with the pulp of wild sour and sweet garden cherries.
CRANBERRY - the astringent and exquisite aroma of ripe northern cranberries was picked in Karelia's wild forests.
FIZZY DIZZY - the taste of a sparkling drink, flavored with sweet and sour notes of barberry
FOREST BERRIES - a sweet mixture with a pronounced taste of fresh wild berries.
GRAPEFRUIT - sweet and sour mix of orange and pink grapefruit
HONEY HOLLS - the refreshing taste of a frosty winter day, with a warming aroma of tart-sweet honey.
KIWI SMOOTHIE - the intriguing sweet and sour taste of Australian kiwi flavored with peppermint and apple juice.
LEMON LIME - sweet and sour citrus mix based on ripe lime and juicy Sicilian lemon wedges.
MANGO SLING - the taste of refreshing lemonade is based on Thai mango flavored with spices and mint.
MELONADE - bright taste of lemonade based on watermelon juice, slices of juicy ripe melon, and barberry syrup.
MILKY RICE - surprisingly delicate subtle nostalgic aroma of sweet milk rice porridge.
MULLED WINE - the taste of warm, spiced red semi-sweet wine mixed with orange and apple slices
ORANGE TEAM - pronounced natural sweet and sour combination of orange and mandarin.
PINEAPPLE RINGS - the taste of juicy sweet pineapple rings marinated in their own juice.
PINKMAN - sweet and sour combination of pink grapefruit and strawberries, flavored with raspberry syrup
QUINCE - the sweet-tart aroma of ripe quince perfectly spiced with light notes of anise
RASPBERRY - the rich natural sweet taste of raspberry jam
SPACE FLAVOUR - a cosmic combination of mango, passion fruit, and lychee, flavored with rose petals covered in cool morning dew.
STRAWBERRY-LYCHEE - a velvety sweet combination of ripe, melt-in-your-mouth wild strawberry and exotic ripe lychee.
TROPIC JUICE - an unusually rich blend of pineapple and ripe exotic passion fruit aromas.
UNICORN TREATS - the taste of sweet corn sticks with fragrant marshmallow slices and pleasant creamy notes of meringue.

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