WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Ugly Shisha 250g

Ugly shisha 250g.


We are excited to bring new shisha made with dedication here in the US. Ugly hookah shisha is made only with the highest quality Virginia leaves and packs some serious flavor. You should expect a heavy buzz and huge flavorful clouds.

  • Apple Apple - Traditional double apple with a sweeter taste
  • Blue Magic -Sweet blueberry flavor with a cooling tingly sensation
  • Chi-town Breeze- The first chocolate flavor from Ugly combines silky smooth cocoa with a delicious mint blend
  • Citrus Breeze - Crisp and tangy citrus mint
  • Desert Storm- This is going to be a winner, it's catcus lime which is amazing by itself and even better with Orange Keef or Marcoje.
  • Grapefruit Mint - Juicy grapefruit with a tangy inhale and cooling exhale
  • Hit Me - PINEAPPLE! This blend includes a great touch of mint with a complex mix of fruits
  • Lemon Mint - Lemon is the main focus with mint being the cherry on top
  • Marcoje - Guava mixed with berries and fruit
  • Ma Wardi - Sweet mixed fruit blend with peach
  • Mint - Classic peppermint blended with sweet mint
  • Mixed Fruit - Apple, berry, pineapple, lemon, orange
  • Orange Keef - Masterpiece of orange flavors mixed perfectly with mint
  • Pomegranate - Open the jar and step back for an explosion of forbidden fruit
  • Secret Agent - Sweet & citrus secret blend with a subtle tropical note
  • Sergeant Huckleberry - It smells like blue raspberry taffy and translates perfectly to the smoke with a sour candy bite
  • Watermelon Mint - Perfect balance of cooling mint with sweet watermelon

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